Construction Certificate (CC)

Once you receive your development approval, you will need a Construction Certificate before you can start building. This certificate verifies that the building is constructed in accordance with the approved plans and specifications will comply with the Building Code of Australia (as part of the National Construction Code).

Complying Development Certificate (CDC)

A complying development certificate (CDC) is a combined planning and building approval that is assessed against certain design requirements as outlined within the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008 or associated SEPPs. A CDC can be a fast-tracked approval process where the development is pre-checked against the relevant SEPP by the applicant. 

Get in touch with our team of certifiers to find out if your project is eligible.

Occupation Certificates (OC)

An Occupation Certificate (OC) is the final step in the building process. This certificate verifies that the certifier is satisfied that your new building or structure is occupiable and meets requirements of the development approval and National Construction Code prior to issue of OC conditions. Please be aware that at this stage of the process, there may be additional conditions imposed by Council which must be met. 

Building inspections

Prior to the commencement of any building works, the property owner is required to appoint a Principal Certifier (PC).

The PC is required to undertake progress building inspections as detailed in your Construction Certificate and/or PC Agreement inspection schedule. The inspection is a general check to ensure the building is being built in accordance with the approval and development consent.

While it is the responsibility of the builder to ensure full compliance with the Building Code of Australia, progress building inspections allow the Certifier to conduct a check of the building work at critical points of the construction process. Where Council has been appointed as the PC, you can use Council’s online building inspection booking service.

Building Code of Australia Compliance Report (Class 1 and 10 buildings)

To assist in determining what “Deemed to Satisfy” provisions of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) apply to your proposed building, Council can provide you with a BCA compliance report for class 1 and 10 buildings which can be used in connection with the architectural design phase to avoid delays or costs associated with redesigns or performance solutions.

Request a quote and we can discuss your needs and provide advice.  Note: The BCA report does not discuss or propose any performance solutions.